“The next generation of personal knowledge management.”

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  1. What is Knopic?
    Knopic is a next-generation personal knowledge management web app that unifies Documents and Thoughts under a single platform. With its hierarchical Topic organization, optimized note-taking features, lightning-quick search, and personalized quiz generator, Knopic ensures that you can create, organize, and retain knowledge with ease.
  2. What is the waitlist for?
    Getting access to the alpha/beta version of Knopic.
  3. What kind of timeline is there for actually getting access?
    Could be a month, could be a year, could be never! We'll see how things go. But the higher you are on the waitlist, the sooner you'll get access.
  4. Will Knopic be free once it leaves alpha/beta?
    Probably in some limited form, but the expectation is that it will cost some amount of money, probably as a subscription, maybe with some form of lifetime plan. Let me know what you want!
  5. Who can I contact about anything related to Knopic?
    That would be me, hit me up at [email protected]!